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Reading the Feminist Classics on the Street – 7.21.10

Inspired by one of those dinner moments where someone says “we should do this,” and then you do, some friends and I are doing street readings of feminist classics – the texts that shattered ways of thinking about women and men’s roles, gender, sexuality and the structures of the world that reinforce how we live out gender. These readings are taking place on the summer streets of Provincetown as a range of people walk or ride by every few minutes (more video excerpts are on my facebook page). We started by reading from the new translation of Simone de Beauvoir’s epic The Second Sex. I love the confidence in de Beauvoir’s writing – it is unequivocal, authoritative, [...]

Provincetown 7.15.10

The streets are teeming.  Tourists, teenagers, queers, bears, dykes, strollers, gay dads, delivery trucks, bicycles, runners, ice cream eating shoppers, drag queens doing errands.  The townies are muttering already, August-itis in July.  Everyone is secretly pleased at how good business is this year (the shock of the 2008 crash is wearing off - even though more of us are unemployed than ever) but publicly complaining about noisy parties and crowds at the beach. And yet, thanks to the national seashore and deliberate conservation, it feels private and calm (thank you Teddy).  On my run this morning I saw a deer and three other runners.   The fishing boats were out, but no cars and [...]

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