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Brian McNaught Interview on Provincetown TV

Writer Brian McNaught does a series of interviews on Provincetown TV called Stonewall Portraits.  This was posted in November of 2010. Stonewall Portraits: An Interview with Urvashi Vaid from Provincetown Community TV on Vimeo.

Women As Public Intellectuals: The Legacies of Jane Jacobs, Rachel Carson and Betty Friedan

A much shorter version of these remarks was given on November 8, 2011 at the 2011 Jane Jacobs Forum, hosted by the Municipal Arts Society at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. The Forum was titled "Women As Public Intellectuals" and featured me, Roberta Brandes Gratz, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Sally Helgesen. The moderator was Robin Pogebrin. In considering the legacies of Jane Jacobs, Betty Friedan and Rachel Carson we might start with a political analysis of three threshold concepts: public, intellectual and woman. But it is the word “as” in the title of tonight’s program that interests me most: women as public intellectuals. As is a powerful little word. Commonly, it [...]

Lila Downs at City Winery 3.23.11

Lila Downs Rocks the House from UVaid on Vimeo.Lila Downs performs at City Winery in NYC March 23, 2011.

Grit TV Interview

Laura Flanders is a remarkable journalist and writer. With little fanfare and even less mainstream support, she has created an amazing resource with GritTV. GritTV (go to is a fascinating daily TV show, built and funded independently that regularly engages issues, voices, and progressive ideas that are largely invisible in the mainstream media. I appeared on Grit recently (see below), and seeing how hard her small team works, and the high quality of work they produce was inspiring. Check out her web site and donate! You will be supporting community based journalism and critical thinking. More GRITtv

Remembering Susan Sontag

At the end of December it will be six years since Susan Sontag died.  Susan Sontag has been one of my heroes ever since I read Against Interpretation when I was 16.  I never met her, or heard her speak, but my father not long ago told me a wonderful story of meeting her in the mid-1960's in NYC. In 1965 or mid-1966, my father came to NYC and stayed with some friends. My dad was in his mid 30's, teaching and writing (novels, stories, plays) in India. Through a rather random set of connections, he ended up in NY invited by a former writer at the New Yorker to a party. He went alone and said it was quite a highbrow affair, he said Stephen Spender was there among other writers and [...]

Lesbian Avengers Documentary Project – Donate NOW

Reprinting a letter from Kelly Cogswell, Project Director on Lesbian Avengers Project December 6, 2010 Dear Friend: In 1992, six New York City dykes threw down the gauntlet: "LESBIANS! DYKES! GAY WOMEN!... We're wasting our lives being careful. Imagine what your life could be. Aren't you ready to make it happen?" By 1994, a multitude had responded, including me, a 24-year-old lesbian fresh from Kentucky. The fire-eating Lesbian Avengers mobilized twenty thousand dykes for a march on Washington, and almost as many for Dyke Marches in New York and San Francisco. More than fifty chapters spanned the globe, and periodicals from The New York Times to Newsweek had taken [...]

Lisa Kron’s new Play is SUPERB!

It's hard to imagine a more timely play than Lisa Kron's excellent, smart and riveting critique of liberalism, the astonishing In The Wake, at the Public Theater (in a LIMITED run only till late November, so go NOW). Lisa is a brave and ferociously talented writer who has taken on racism (in WELL), and done a wide range of queer work as a performance artist and writer for years. I appreciate her ability to hold a mirror to herself and people like me who are progressive -- at our smug certainty, at our idealism and naivete, and at our faith in an America despite all evidence that we encounter that there is no chance of the system working for the folks we want it to work for (the poor, [...]

Musing about Punk, Women’s Music and Me

As I got ready for the 70's Lesbian Conference that the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies hosted the weekend of October 8-10, 2010 in New York City, I started to think about how important music was to me in the 1970's and 1980's -- X-Ray Spex to Alix Dobkin, Richard Hell and the Voidoids to Holly Near, Joni and Grand Funk Railroad to Parliament and Marley, and lots of somewhat obscure girl bands (Ova, UT, Au Pairs, White Women, Slits, to name a few. Music got me through - and there was little predictable in my likes. Here is a vintage video of one my heroes, inspirations and thrilling performers from the 1970's. This first video is of Patti in 1976 in Stockholm doing an early [...]

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