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Punk heroine Arianna Foster AKA Ari UP RIP, 48

Arianna Foster died on October 20 of cancer. I loved The Slits. Watching Ari perform was exciting, joyful, unpredictable, made you want to play-- women rockers just did not look or sound like this band. The Slits were founded in 1976 by Arianna and Paloma Romero (who went on to found The Raincoats) and included Tessa Pollit, and Viv Albertine. Typical girls 1979 Their version of Heard it Through The Grapevine is a classic. Here is a version from the 2009, when the band had been reformed with a new configuration (still fronted by Ari).

Feminist Classics Reading Series – Ken Reads Pat Parker

Ken Reads Pat Parker Poem from UVaid on Vimeo.On the streets of Provincetown this summer some of us started a reading series where we read "feminist classics" --poetry and prose by anyone the reader or participant defined as a feminist. This is a video of Ken, our town crier, reading the poem "Where Will You Be When They Come?" by Pat Parker. It's quite wonderful to hear Ken, who is a terrific reader, and to see him connect with the meaning of Parker's poem as he reads it - for the first time.

Elizabeth Streb performs Trisha Brown

Elizabeth Streb performs "Man Walking Down Side of Building" by Trisha Brown from UVaid on Vimeo.On Sunday, October 4, 2010 at 1:30, Streb walked down the outside of the Whitney Museum of Art, a piece that Trisha Brown originally choreographed in 1970. Soundtrack added by me is Le Tigre doing "They Want Us to Make A Symphony Out of The Sound of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues" Elizabeth Streb is an astonishing choreographer whose work is a challenge to the idea of dance, performance, audience and spectacle. She creates work that places her at odds with so many traditions in modern and even experimental dance -- there is often no narrative, the movements blend and bend every [...]

Don’t Tell Momma (or McCain) the Truth!

He lost it. In response to questions from the Advocate's Kerry Eleveld and Metro Weekly's Chris Geidner, McCain lost it. Here is a transcript.... MCCAIN: We do not go out and seek. Regulations are, we do not go out and seek to find out if someone’s sexual orientation. We do not! ELEVELD: But senator, that’s not… MCCAIN: That is the fact! That is the fact. Now ma’am, I know the military very well, and I know what’s being done. And what is being done is that they are not seeking out people who are gay. And I don’t care what you say, I know it’s a fact. ELEVELD: It’s not what I say. MCCAIN: I dont’ care what you say! And I don’t care what others say. I’ve seen [...]

Engendered.Org and its I-View Film Festival

var so = new SWFObject("",'single','400','335','9'); so.addParam("allowfullscreen","true"); so.addParam("allowscriptaccess", "always"); so.addVariable("playlistfile",""); so.addVariable("image",""); so.addVariable("logo.file",""); so.addVariable("logo.hide","false"); so.addVariable("skin",""); so.addVariable("autostart","false"); so.write('avsvid11754'); New York amazes with the variety and depth of the talent it houses. One treasure of an organization, [...]

Dean Spade on LGBT Politics

Dean Spade is a brilliant organizer, creative teacher and effective leader in the grassroots social justice movement. He is currently Assistant Professsor at the University of Seattle School of Law. He is a member of Transforming Justice, an organization that works on transgender, gender variant and gender nonconforming people affected by the prison-criminal-detention systems. He is a founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project in 2002. Dean is a ferociously clear and critical thinker about the economy, the detention apparatus in the US, the neo-liberal state, immigrant rights, the limitations of the politics of identity and of the current racial and gender politics in the LGBT [...]

Adele Bertei and The Bloods

Okay, I am going to carbon date myself in these pages, by featuring amazing music that I came up to! I'll never forget seeing The Bloods -- who were fronted by Adele Bertei, who continues to make amazing music (see second clip above, also from You Tube). Here is one of their early songs -- Button Up -- no video but it is so worth a full listen! I'll never forget being in Thompson Square Park in 1980, I think it was when we ran into The Bloods playing one afternoon. Bertei started out by reading from Valerie Solanas' The S.C.U.M Manifesto and then threw copies of the book into the crowd. I still have a copy! I'd never heard or seen a performance quite like it, I was [...]

Lea Delaria and Janette Mason at Enzo September 2, 2010

One person’s liberation can be another’s violation. Propriety is breached, thrilling some and appalling others. That is the power of transgression. And that is the power of the enormously talented Lea Delaria. For 28 years, first as a stand-out/stand-up comic, then as a jazz musician, then as an actor, and now as a multi-faceted cabaret star, Lea has surprised, delighted and confounded her audiences nearly every time she performs. Her shows are challenges – to preconceived notions and to the predictable. Her intelligence drives her to be ground-breaker, in her own words, a “fat, ugly dyke” (a moniker that I dispute, I think she is a hot, butch she-bear) who just owns [...]

Stonewall Portraits: Interview on PTV

This interview with Brian McNaught was taped in the summer of 2010 in Provincetown and broadcast on Provincetown TV. It is part of a series of portraits that Brian is taping with activists in the LGBT movement. Stonewall Portraits: An Interview with Urvashi Vaid from Provincetown Community TV on Vimeo.

Financial Crisis Tracker – Center for Media and Democracy

Below text is from the web site The Financial Crisis Tracker gives a monthly snapshot of housing foreclosures, unemployment rates and the total cost of the Wall Street bailout. The Tracker is presented in the form of a widget that can be downloaded to your webpage. The Foreclosure number is generated monthly by RealtyTrac, a private data source used by newspapers across America. The RealtyTrac data is released in the second week of the month for the previous month. The Unemployment number is generated by the U.S. Department of Labor and released on the first Friday of the month for the previous month. The larger DOL data set is rich with information about [...]

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