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Queer Asian Pacific Legacy Conference

A version of this presentation was given at the Queer Asian Pacific Legacy Conference on March 6, 2004 in New York ©2004 Urvashi Vaid Defenceless under the night Our world in stupor lies; Yet, dotted everywhere, Ironic points of light Flash out wherever the Just Exchange their messages: May I, composed like them Of Eros and of dust, Beleaguered by the same Negation and despair, Show an affirming flame. W.H. Auden September 1, 1939 This is a talk about justice and affirmation. About where we find ourselves and where we can imagine being. About the broad political context shaping our lives today as API queers, internal dynamics of the GLBT movement and API people within [...]

Reading the Feminist Classics on the Street – 7.21.10

Inspired by one of those dinner moments where someone says “we should do this,” and then you do, some friends and I are doing street readings of feminist classics – the texts that shattered ways of thinking about women and men’s roles, gender, sexuality and the structures of the world that reinforce how we live out gender. These readings are taking place on the summer streets of Provincetown as a range of people walk or ride by every few minutes (more video excerpts are on my facebook page). We started by reading from the new translation of Simone de Beauvoir’s epic The Second Sex. I love the confidence in de Beauvoir’s writing – it is unequivocal, authoritative, [...]

Melissa Etheridge – July 9, 2010 – Cape Cod Melody Tent

Melissa Etheridge is a great rock and roller and a charming and incredible performer.  I saw her in Hyannis at her gig at the Cape Cod Melody Tent last week and the show was both fun and satisfying, like a great dance party with friends. This was the second date of her current US tour, which continues till September, and she was upbeat, inspired and happy.  Despite the sad news about her break-up, I think she has a great deal to be happy about. First of all, her new record, Fearless, is excellent.  Fantastic music and bears repeated listening.  In a career filled with great songs, this one has some classics. My favorites start with Miss California -- yes, Carrie Prejean, and [...]

Boycott Marriage Until ALL Can Marry!

NATIONAL MARRIAGE BOYCOTT   - Students at Stanford started a movement that is growing in which each of us (straight or LGBT) can participate. And it pleases my sense of the perverse.  Let's boycott marriage to achieve it! Their web site states:  "The National Marriage Boycott is a youth-led movement determined to usher in a national culture of acceptance by pledging not to marry until we achieve full federal marriage equality." A simple and laudable goal.  I think this movement will grow.  So go to their site, sign the pledge and join the Marriage movement by Boycotting Marriage.

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