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Launching this site

PhotoMany years late, I am putting out a personal web site, proving again that I’ve never been in a trend on time!

For years, friends have said I should just put out some of the texts of talks I have given, that I should write about the conferences, or travels or experiences in organizing that I have because they are odd and rare, or just that I should write more. And for years, I have said, when I have time I’ll do it. So here it is.

But what is this web site trying to do?

It provides a direct channel to interact with others who are thinking or organizing around the themes that preoccupy me. Themes like, social justice (or how to make the “good life” the reality for the largest number of people rather than the smallest); political transformation (or, how to make change and influence lots of policy); racism and nationalism (or, when and how does tribal thinking get transformed); gender and sexuality (or, on beyond tradition); social change movements and their dynamics (or, how to work with lots of different kinds of people with whom you don’t agree on much); the idea of practice (or, praxis); and the integration of art, culture and transformation (or, how to stay inspired).

It’s a way to get less fixed and repetitive. I hope that this process of writing more regularly in blog form, of hearing from you (whether you agree or not, it will be interesting! will move my thinking and inform the organizing I do going forward.

And it’s a vehicle to create. Let’s see where this adventure takes us.


  1. robertastone says:

    Urvashi, what an exciting development. The site looks great (BTW, It reads fine on Internet Explorer). I can’t wait to go through it and see all the things that you are doing and thinking about. Mazel Tov on getting it going.

  2. Antonellis Ann says:

    VERY cool ! good work !
    Thanks for doing this Urvashi !

    I have a lot to catch up on !

  3. Queertheories says:

    Love, love, love this site! Can’t wait to read through some of your old speeches!

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