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Adele Bertei and The Bloods

Okay, I am going to carbon date myself in these pages, by featuring amazing music that I came up to! I’ll never forget seeing The Bloods — who were fronted by Adele Bertei, who continues to make amazing music (see second clip above, also from You Tube). Here is one of their early songs — Button Up — no video but it is so worth a full listen!

I’ll never forget being in Thompson Square Park in 1980, I think it was when we ran into The Bloods playing one afternoon. Bertei started out by reading from Valerie Solanas’ The S.C.U.M Manifesto and then threw copies of the book into the crowd. I still have a copy! I’d never heard or seen a performance quite like it, I was 22.

Enjoy The Bloods!

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