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The Military’s Gender Troubles

Gay men and women can now be open in the military. I worked for this moment for more than two decades and acknowledge that I feel relieved at the outcome – literally tens of thousands of people will not need to live in fear anymore. But my sense of accomplishment is tempered by both an underlying ambivalence about the pain that military service extracts from those involved, by the sobering reality of the experience of women in the military and by the continued exclusion of transgender people. I am anti-war in almost all situations, and have felt so mixed as I’ve worked for military reform over the past several decades. But what kept me pushing for inclusion was the experience [...]

Military Justice: Looking Forward

"The contributions made by progressives, feminists and anti-militarists to the struggle for justice, often against their own beliefs are substantial. They should not be erased. Indeed, they invite a reconsideration of the idea of solidarity, and perhaps a revival of that outdated notion." “There was a time before liberation.” -- Tom Wilson Weinberg The lyrics of Tom Wilson Weinberg’s song from the 10% Revue have been ringing in my ears as read and listen to the responses following Judge Virginia Phillips decisions, first holding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell unconstitutional, and then ordering a stay on all discharges. The spineless response of the Obama Justice Department [...]