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Dean Spade on LGBT Politics

Dean Spade is a brilliant organizer, creative teacher and effective leader in the grassroots social justice movement. He is currently Assistant Professsor at the University of Seattle School of Law. He is a member of Transforming Justice, an organization that works on transgender, gender variant and gender nonconforming people affected by the prison-criminal-detention systems. He is a founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project in 2002. Dean is a ferociously clear and critical thinker about the economy, the detention apparatus in the US, the neo-liberal state, immigrant rights, the limitations of the politics of identity and of the current racial and gender politics in the LGBT [...]

San Francisco Dyke March!

5 Minute Video of Start of 1999 SF Dyke March By dök tor_tele vi sion This talk was given at the Dyke March on June 26, 1999 in San Francisco.  Copyright 1999 Urvashi Vaid. Good Evening lesbians, bisexual women, trans gender women, queer girls, and think you are still-straight women!  Hello supportive brothers.  Happy Pride.  I stand before you tonight to make a confession of bias, a confession of desire – I love women madly passionately, hopelessly, and lustfully.  I love the warmth of women, our intensity, our intimacy, our ability to relate, I love our maddening process-consciousness, [...]