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Critical Perspectives from Queer Race Theorists

Homonormative by Kim Funk, All Rights Reserved Linking racial exclusivity to the desire of the middle class LGBT mainstream to integrate into the state, family and cultural institutions of our society is a complex argument to make, and one that many critical race theorists have eloquently made in recent years. Two contributions I read in preparation for the CLAGS lecture (reprinted elsewhere in the texts section on this site) made me sit up and get provoked. Not only is the challenge of mainstream integration the tendency to be absorbed without deeply changing the status quo, but the very act of admission requires of the outsider a differentiation of themselves and a dis-affiliation [...]

Race, Sex, and Power: Observations in 2008

"The color-blind or post-racial paradigm appeases the powerful without yielding much in exchange other than their comfort." A version of this presentation was given as part of the Opening Plenary Panel at the Race, Sex and Power Conference at the University of Illinois, Chicago on April 11, 2008. Copyright 2008 Urvashi Vaid The response to this conference certainly indicates the continued salience of, what that Marxist Leninist study group that one of my friends once belonged to used to call, “the primary contradictions.”  Indeed, the hierarchies of dominance and submission that those primary contradictions of class, race, sex, gender, and sexuality represent continue to [...]

Race and Sexuality in the 21st Century

"In order to both address racism, structural economic inequality and sexism and in order to  "include" sexuality in a racial justice movement at every level, people of color communities must be wiling to engage in a drastic re-consideration of the heterosexism, of patriarchy in our communities, of our notions of family:  for example, no inclusive, anti-homophobic Asian movement can emerge without such a re-visioning of Asian family and culture." These remarks were given on April 9, 1999 at the Michigan State University conference on Race in the 21st Century.  Copyright 1999 Urvashi Vaid. I want to talk today about the limits of racial identity politics and the real challenge [...]