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Ideas needed to defeat the Right

"Middle class America wants to feel better about itself and listening to progressives does not leave them feeling good or inspired at all." “Everyday like the last one, Everyday like a rerun” – Patti Smith, Piss Factory What was striking about the Glenn Beck rally was its familiarity, not its strangeness. Everything about it was a repetition of messages and ideas reinforcing the version of American tradition that ‘imagineers’ on the right have promoted for decades. A national identity erased of color or class or gender or religious plurality. A restoration fantasy of “taking this country back” (to the pre-civil war 1850’s at least, if not the 1760’s). The banal [...]

The Enemies of Love and the Future of LGBT Politics

"We are engaged at the highest level in this century in a fight between liberty and authoritarianism, between democracy and oligarchy, between pluralism and fundamentalism, between movements with visions rooted in liberation for all and movements with visions rooted in elitism...This is a struggle about competing visions of human freedom and responsibility." A version of this presentation was given in May of 2007 at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Copyright 2007 U. Vaid The title of my talk comes from a song by the Canadian poet and song writer, Leonard Cohen.  In a song called The Traitor, he writes:  I could not move to warn all the younger soldiers /That they had been [...]