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“You Gotta Serve Somebody” – Dean Spade & Urvashi Vaid 3.13 – CLAGS

"You Gotta Serve Somebody" - Dean Spade and Urvashi Vaid

Dough Ireland Reviews “Irresistible Revolution” for Gay City News Urvashi Vaid’s Wakeup Call Added by admin on July 11, 2013. MAGNUS BOOKS BY DOUG IRELAND | I  have, for many years, appreciated Urvashi Vaid as the most progressive and liberationist of the institutionalized mainstream gay movement’s prominentii. Now, based on three decades of sterling activism, she has delivered a stinging critique of those institutions that should be must reading for every queer activist and anyone concerned about the nature and direction of those who claim they speak for all of us. Magnus Books, the three-year old imprint founded by the great Don Weise, a peerless force in queer [...]

A Future Beyond Formal Legal Equality

Urvashi Vaid. | JUREK WAJDOWICZ BY CHUCK COLBERT | If the LGBT movement is, at its core, a progressive struggle for justice and equality, then shouldn’t the gay rights agenda include issues of economics, race, class, and gender? In other words, is there more to gay rights and liberation than simply securing passage of non-discrimination laws and gaining the right to marry? Longtime activist and LGBT community leader Urvashi Vaid certainly thinks so. For years now, she has been urging mainstream movement leaders to take up a [...]

Stonewall Portraits: Interview on PTV

This interview with Brian McNaught was taped in the summer of 2010 in Provincetown and broadcast on Provincetown TV. It is part of a series of portraits that Brian is taping with activists in the LGBT movement. Stonewall Portraits: An Interview with Urvashi Vaid from Provincetown Community TV on Vimeo.

Democracy Now – October 13, 2009

This is an interview with Amy Goodman and her colleague on Democracy Now just after the National Equality March.